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Friday, June 27, 2008
If your hard drive stopped working and you lost important data on the drive, then
it is time to take action to recover the data. During the process of data recovery,
a hard drive is temporarily repaired long enough to extract the data. It will not be stable enough for long term use.


Fix It Yourself - If your data is highly important to you or your business, then
please DO NOT USE THIS METHOD. It is risky even for an experienced user.
If you wish to proceed, try the following: install the hard drive on another computer
and use a data recovery software to recover the data. This can be risky because
your drive may be in critical condition. Running software against the drive can be
very taxing to the drive. You may only get one shot to get the data, so you need
to be sure of what you are doing.

Data Recovery Company- If your data cannot be lived without, then you should
begin searching for a professional data recovery company to retrieve the data.
This service does not come cheap, so the data must be worth the price to use
this option. A good way to comparison shop is to pick 5 companies. You can
find them by using your favorite search engine, online directories, yellow pages,
etc. For your convenience, we have listed 2 companies at the end of this page.
Next, get a price quote from each of the 5 companies. Most companies do not
charge evaluation fees and many companies throw in extra services- so you can
save money when you comparison shop. Beware of prices that are significantly
the average price or seem too good to be true. If your hard drive has a true
physical problem, it will likely need to have parts replaced in a data recovery
clean room
. There are several data recovery companies in the industry that have
an excellent reputation and commitment to customer service.

Recommended Data Recovery Companies:

Data Recovery Service by ReWave Hard Drive Recovery
Data Recovery by Seagate Services (formerly ActionFront Data Recovery)

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